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Coconut Tree, Green (Excludes Ca), Size: 12 inch


  • USDA Prohibits Shipping Live Plants to: CA. If you reside in the state of California, your order will be cancelled.
  • Keep in your home the quality of Florida Coconuts! The Coconut Palm Tree, scientific name Cocos nucifera, is one of the most popular palms in the world because of its fruits.
  • Coconut oil is used for cooking and in a wide range of beauty products.
  • The Coconut Palms may live as long as 100 years, producing fruits till 80 years of age.
  • In its native habitat the Coconut Palm grows up to 100 ft, but usually is around 20-30 ft tall and 5-10 ft wide in cultivation.

Step to get your needs

The first step is to find the coconut tree product you want. Then, determine what features are most important for your needs Ask for help if you need it! We’re here to make sure that you get the best possible deal on a product that meets all of your needs.

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Coconut Palm Tree – Large Live Plant – Cocos Nucifera – Enjoy Your Own Home Grown Coconuts!


  • Large, savory coconuts make the Coconut Palm one of the most popular varieties in the world. Plus, they’ll grow outdoors as well as they do inside a container, making it possible to grow your own coconuts, even if you live up North. You can place your Coconut Palm outside on warm, sunny days, and bring it indoors during the colder months. Before you know it, you’ll have tons of large coconuts with soft, creamy flesh and rich coconut milk.
  • Grown, packaged and shipped exclusively by Florida Foliage. Coconut Palms arrive growing out of a coconut, which sits on top of their container for a unique, tropical look. Eventually, they grow into a mature palm with beautiful, ringed gray bark and a large crown filled with fronds that are covered with bright green leaflets.
  • And because they grow to about 3 to 4 feet tall in a container, they will fit perfectly inside your home, on your porch or patio. They will also grow indoors without making a fuss in low-light conditions. But no matter where you plant, Coconut Palms are tough, low-maintenance trees that have a high heat and drought tolerance and wind resistance.
  • When you grow your own coconuts at home, you’ll save time and money and have a fresh, healthful snack, right in your backyard. A snack that’s delicious when eaten raw or added to your favorite recipes.
  • The coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) is among the most extensively used trees worldwide and strongly associated with tropical landscapes. The coconut is the most cultivated nut in the world and a very important commercial crop in many tropical countries. The nut meat, coconut oil from the dried meat and milk are used for drinks, cooking, cosmetics and numerous other types of products.

Select the best coconut tree product among various brands

To find the best coconut tree products, you can’t do better than top brands. These companies have been around for years and they’re still making quality items that people love to buy because of their reputation or longevity in business – even if you don’t know exactly what kind of product is being sold by each one.

If you’re looking to buy a coconut tree product, it pays to know who you’re getting it from. We only work with reputable sellers that are committed to excellent customer service and quality items. You can feel confident when buying our chosen coconut tree products because we’ve done all the research for you!

The best way to get a coconut tree product is by buying from a trusted brand. The company’s reputation, durability, and customer service make them stand out as one of your most reliable sources for anything that you need or want.

With our collection, there’s something for everyone!

Coconut Tree (with Willie Nelson)


    AnTing Artificial Palm Tree 8.5ft Tall Trees Artificial Indoor Outdoor Coconut Tree in Pot Artificial Large Tropical Palm Trees for Pool Garage Living Room Home Office Decor (Set of 2)


    • 🌴【Realistic Tall Trees Artificial Indoor】: ANTING artificial palm tree are well made of durable and top-of-the-line plastic material. This faux tree features vivid colors, unyielding form, and evergreen realistic beauty that won’t fade overtime. Our tall tree indoor artificial is perfect used for both indoor and outdoor display, it looks great and fills your space corner nicely.
    • 🌴【Large Size Artificial Palm】: Two faux palm silk trees in one package, the large palm trees standing a full 102.36’’ high, the tree trunk support 18 long realistic looking palm fronds, including black pot (9.05″ diameter and 8.26″ high). To achieve the intended appearance of real-life palm tree, it need to be assembled and re-shaped when removed from box.
    • 🌴【Forever Green Decor】: The long fronds can keep the artificial palm tree on balance. You can make a statement by itself or set in a pair to fill an empty space in your home or office. 2 faux trees can be placed in green garden, patio, kitchen, living room, bedroom, front entrance, meeting room, hotel and other places. These artificial palm trees will maintain their height, texture, color, ribs and shape for years without pruning and shaping to ensure the aesthetic is maintained.
    • 🌴【Sturdy & Heavy Pot】: Our sturdy base pot of faux tree indoor is filled with solid cement, the cement and pot cannot be separated. If you would love to have real trees but want to save you the hassle of having to keep an eye on them, this tall tree indoor artificial is your best choice. We suggest you to add bigger and decorative planter pot that match your existing space to keep the fake tree balance and make it more beautiful to look.
    • 🌴【Free Maintenance】: This artificial tree look full and fresh every day, will not wilt or die, without the hassle of watering, sunlight or soil, will not attract insects and not smelly. If these artificial trees get dusty, simply wipe them with a damp cloth or duster. This tropical palm tree is waterproof, and resistant to sun, oils, heat. If you have any question about our faux trees, please contact customer service directly, we will help you.

    Sprouted Coconut Palm Tree Plant


    • Easy To Plant & Grow
    • Bring the Tropics Indoors
    • Ships by Air from Hawaii
    • Lives Indoors for Years

    Ensure you get the best coconut tree product

    It’s important to make the right choice when picking out a product for yourself. There are many different options available at any given moment and it can be difficult determining what will work best with your lifestyle or taste!

    The market is full of products that promise the world, but how do you know which one to buy? The best way to choose a product is by considering your needs. If you are looking for something specific, then it makes sense not just to go on any old website but visit some stores first so they can show what’s available!

    Don’t forget: even if an item seems like exactly what we’re going after as customers – don’t just take someone else’s word for it! Get samples from retailers so you can try them before buying.

    Coconut Palm Tree, Yellow Malayan Dwarf 2 feet, 3-gal Container from Florida


      One important aspect of buying a coconut tree product: The after-sale service

      You should know that after-sale service is one of the most important parts of buying coconut tree products. If you are not happy with your purchase, it can be returned to the store for an exchange or refund.

      Then, what after-sale service is the most important for buying coconut tree products? This question might be hard to answer because there are many different factors that can contribute to what people deem as important.

      For some, it may be customer support or an easy return process, while others may want guarantees on coconut tree products they buy. The best way to find out which after-sale service is most important for you is by thinking about your needs and figuring out how each business meets those needs.

      The after-sale service is the most important part of buying a product. That’s why it’s crucial to find a company that provides good customer service and warranties because you never know when your coconut tree product may break or malfunction.

      Yellow Coconut Miami Tree Live Coconut Palm


      • Dwarf Green Coconut

      Purchase coconut tree products by checking details

      Make sure that something doesn’t sound too good to be true.

      Check out reviews from customers who have purchased the same product.

      To help you determine if the product will work for your needs, here are some things to look at when checking out a product. Checking the details on a coconut tree product before buying is very important.

      If you are not careful, you might end up with something that doesn’t work for what you need it to do.

      Customers who take time to check these details will notice that they get more for their money than if they had not done so. If you want to know more about a coconut tree product, there are various ways in which you can do this.

      Coconut Tree


        Tree Hut Shea Body Butter 7 Ounce Coconut Lime (207ml)


        • Tree Hut Coconut Lime Shea Body Butter 7 Oz

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